Science Experiments: How clouds work

This term for science we are investigating the weather. Each day we look at and discuss the weather whilst filling in our weather chart.
Last week, we focused on clouds. Students learnt about how a cloud holds (is made from) moist air. When the cloud can’t hold anymore moist air, it begins to rain.
Our materials used:
– Cups
– Shaving cream
– Coloured water
– Normal water

1. Fill your cup with water.
2. Squirt some shaving cream (the cloud) into the cup so it sits on top of the water.
3. Pour a little bit of the coloured water into the cup.
4. Continue to pour the coloured water into the cup to see it begin to rain!

Here are some photos from our fantastic experiment that engaged all of us!




Here is Siya and Crystal beginning their experiment.

Here is Siya and Crystal beginning their experiment.

Yewande, Miinee and Ben working together.

Yewande, Miinee and Ben working together.

Robert observing the experiment while Josh carefully pours the water.

Robert observing the experiment while Josh carefully pours the water.

Roan and Grace working together.

Roan and Grace working together.

Prep/1F your job now is to post comments about the results of the experiment, as well as what you saw happening during the experiment.


Miss Ferguson is off to India

Prep/1F are well aware that Miss Ferguson is off to India in the school holidays. She is very excited about this trip, but she is also very nervous.
Miss Ferguson needs to know a bit more about India before she goes and needs your help to calm her nerves Prep/1F!
Help Miss Ferguson out by researching the following information:
– How far away is India?
– What’s the weather going to be like?
– What is there to see in India?
– What are school’s like in India?

We’re going to the zoo

Today the students from Prep to grade 2 went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo.
We took our friend Gudiya from India on our trip. Here Miinee is holding her on the bus ride to Melbourne.

First stop… The Gorillas!! Can you see how closely we are studying them?!


Can you see what animal is in this leafy habitat?

Guess what Prep/1F and Gudiya are about to go and see???
We loved the butterfly enclosure. What kind of habitat do they live in? Do you know why?


How many elephants can you see over here? Don’t forget the baby elephants!


Feeding our hungry bellies. But we just wanted to keep going. So many animals to see!

Do you know which animal is in this enclosure?

Roan enjoyed seeing the lions who were resting in the long grass.

These giraffes were definitely a highlight. We couldn’t believe how tall they were!

Gudiya had a fantastic day at the zoo with Prep/1F. We have got lots of new knowledge and experiences to discuss back at school now.

What do you think?

Here Prep/1F were given a picture to look at. They had to do a brainstorm to share their thoughts on the image.