Travelling Scrapbook Project Step #2

We are beginning to develop our information for the scrapbook. So far we have shared who we are and a bit about ourselves by using the app Poplet on our iPad’s, as well as writing a fact about our school and drawing a picture of our favourite part of the school.
Today we are going to work on sharing some information about our town Traralgon. The people in our buddy school in Pakistan will probably know nothing about Traralgon so it is our job to share some highlights!
You will be paired off and with your buddy your job will be to research a particular aspect of Traralgon. You will then need to write your information down and draw a picture of it.
Lets get started!


Miss Ferguson is off to India

Prep/1F are well aware that Miss Ferguson is off to India in the school holidays. She is very excited about this trip, but she is also very nervous.
Miss Ferguson needs to know a bit more about India before she goes and needs your help to calm her nerves Prep/1F!
Help Miss Ferguson out by researching the following information:
– How far away is India?
– What’s the weather going to be like?
– What is there to see in India?
– What are school’s like in India?