Look to learn

Prep/1F look at this!

swimming people

Because summer is coming up I thought this would be a good picture to look at and discuss.

My questions for you:
– Why are there so many people in the water together?
– Where do you think they are? (In a pool? The beach?)
– What would you be feeling and thinking if you were in that water?


9 thoughts on “Look to learn

  1. Hi prep 1 F. For my homework I have to put a comment on another blog and I chose your blog. Please tell Miss Cook that I put a post on, I don’t want to have to redo the work.

    I think that this is showing every one racing to summer. It shows everyone loves summer and can’t wait. it is strange that in the upper left corner there are less people. I think it might be a small bit photo shopped because there are so many people and it would take ages to organise it all. it would also cost a lot to buy all the floaty rings, and blowing them up would be extremely tiring. I don’t think it is in a pool because the it would have to be way to big. I think it would be quite squishy, but it looks like fun

  2. Hi Eoin,
    Thank you for writing on our blog. We have enjoyed reading your comment. We have decided that when we see Miss Cook out in the yard, we will definitely let her know you have done your homework.
    We agree that there aren’t many people in the upper left corner of the photo. We don’t know why either! Tarlee has said to make sure you re-read your sentence because if you don’t it doesn’t make sense. It is the sentence that begins ” I think it might be a small…” Nyamal has just realised you don’t have a fullstop at the end of your sentence so make sure you remember next time!
    I hope you appreciate our editing skills. Thank you for writing on our blog.
    From Prep/1F.

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