Travelling Scrapbook Project Step #2

We are beginning to develop our information for the scrapbook. So far we have shared who we are and a bit about ourselves by using the app Poplet on our iPad’s, as well as writing a fact about our school and drawing a picture of our favourite part of the school.
Today we are going to work on sharing some information about our town Traralgon. The people in our buddy school in Pakistan will probably know nothing about Traralgon so it is our job to share some highlights!
You will be paired off and with your buddy your job will be to research a particular aspect of Traralgon. You will then need to write your information down and draw a picture of it.
Lets get started!


Look to Learn

Prep/1F lets discuss the following picture:

After the end of the cockle season, the brown shrimp season is under way for fishermen aboard Jolene

Respond to at least 2 of the below points.

1. What do you think the man is collecting/catching?
2. What do you think the man is looking at/thinking?
3. Describe what you can see on the boat.
4. How would you feel if you were on this boat?

Science Experiments: How clouds work

This term for science we are investigating the weather. Each day we look at and discuss the weather whilst filling in our weather chart.
Last week, we focused on clouds. Students learnt about how a cloud holds (is made from) moist air. When the cloud can’t hold anymore moist air, it begins to rain.
Our materials used:
– Cups
– Shaving cream
– Coloured water
– Normal water

1. Fill your cup with water.
2. Squirt some shaving cream (the cloud) into the cup so it sits on top of the water.
3. Pour a little bit of the coloured water into the cup.
4. Continue to pour the coloured water into the cup to see it begin to rain!

Here are some photos from our fantastic experiment that engaged all of us!




Here is Siya and Crystal beginning their experiment.

Here is Siya and Crystal beginning their experiment.

Yewande, Miinee and Ben working together.

Yewande, Miinee and Ben working together.

Robert observing the experiment while Josh carefully pours the water.

Robert observing the experiment while Josh carefully pours the water.

Roan and Grace working together.

Roan and Grace working together.

Prep/1F your job now is to post comments about the results of the experiment, as well as what you saw happening during the experiment.

Our Scrapbook Journey

We are about to be involved in a very exciting program!
This program is called the travelling scrapbook program, and Mrs Joyce has been kind enough to set us up with the program which sees us have a buddy classroom in Pakistan. We have so much exciting work to do making our global connections through the scrapbook.

To begin our journey, we are going to use Poplet on the iPads to do a brainstorm about ourselves. Our friends in Pakistan need to know who we are!

On your brainstorm you need to have:
– Your name
– Your age
– Your grade level
– Your favourite activity
And at least 1 of the following:
– How many people in your family (who they are)
– What your favourite movie and song is
– What you want be when you’re older

Look to learn

Prep/1F look at this!

swimming people

Because summer is coming up I thought this would be a good picture to look at and discuss.

My questions for you:
– Why are there so many people in the water together?
– Where do you think they are? (In a pool? The beach?)
– What would you be feeling and thinking if you were in that water?

Should we trust a stranger?

Here in Prep/1F we are extremly friendly, happy young people who like to meet new friends. But we need to remember a few things when we meet someone new – especially when we aren’t around any adults. Today we are going to discuss some things about ‘strangers’ and how to stay safe out in the yard. We will begin by talking about what a stranger is.

stranger danger 1

It’s always best to stay safe!